Thursday, March 8

So Funny He Peed a Little

The funniest thing that has ever happened since becoming a mama to two boys happened Monday afternoon.

The three of us were feeling a little loopy so it might not be all that funny to you but *I* think it's hilarious.

I vacuum a lot.

At least twice a day.

No, I am NOT Suzy Homemaker with the spotless house. I have two very messy boys and I hate crumbs and other miscellaneous boy droppings all over my couch and carpet.

So I vacuum.


Its gotten so bad that Kadyn has started to remind me to vacuum.


Monday afternoon Graysen had left a particularly crumby mess on the couch so my good pal, Dyson, and I got to work.

Graysen is obsessed with the wand attachments.

And with screaming.

Combine the two, add a brother and you have a crazy little band!

So Graysen is standing behind me screaming into the brush tool and Kadyn is beside him screaming into the crevice tool.

They are SO loud that they all but completely drown out the vacuum.

Obviously the only possible response to this is to swing around and 'attack' the boys with the vacuum wand.


I wish with every ounce of my being that I had video of this. You just can't possibly get the full effect of what happened without seeing what I saw.

Graysen's face completely dropped and a look of sheer TERROR replaced the happy, screamy face he had mere seconds before.

And then he full out THREW himself to the floor, tummy down, arms and legs splayed out, face buried into the carpet.

All of this happened in 1/16th of a second.

A few seconds later, he turned his head and peeked up at me out of the very corner of his eye.

After a quick assessment, Graysen decided he was ok to get up.

So I attacked both boys again with the vacuum wand.


Kadyn started running around laughing, I made to sure WAY over exaggerate my laughter and Graysen, seeing Kadyn and I, decided it wasn't so scary after all and the three of us ran around the living room like the crazy lunatics we are.

Well Kadyn and Graysen ran around like lunatics.

And I tried to suck them both up with the vacuum as they ran past.

We all had a great laugh and then Kadyn says to me.....

"Mama that was so much fun!! But, um... my underwear is wet."

"Why is your underwear wet, buddy?"

"Um, cause I think I peed a little."


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