Friday, March 9

Conversations with Kadyn....

Kadyn was playing with his large Little People collection.

Mama: Wow! You sure do have a lot of people, Kadyn. And a lot of puppies.

Kadyn: (In a gruff old man voice with a side of Private Eye) Puppies? Never seen 'em.

Mama: You've never seen puppies?

Gruff Old Private Eye Man: Nope. We should buy one.

Mama: Oh, should we?

Gruff Old Private Eye Man: Yeah. (short pause) Cause I'm the queen of puppies.


EDIT: We are touring schools Monday morning. Yup. K-man is going to Kindergarten.

Please excuse my panic attacks.

I would really appreciate any suggestions or comments on thing to ask or look for when choosing a school. I have a short list but I know I have some very smart readers and a few who have been through this already - I would LOVE input and advice.

Have a great weekend!!

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