Monday, February 27

The Tie Dye Jungle that Wasn't (A decorating fail)


I had all these beautiful ideas for Graysen's room in my head.

But they didn't translate to the real world so well.

His "Tie Dye Jungle" is more of a..... well, I don't know what it is but Tie Dye Jungle it is not.

And I've given up on it.

Because I am frustrated, indecisive and lost.

(Mostly I am frustrated and lost by my indecisiveness)


I always feel like the rooms I decorate look so unfinished.

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we have nothing but white walls.

Or maybe I just suck at decorating.

I don't know.

I was fairly pleased with how Graysen's nursery turned out but I am not so happy with how his room sits now....


What the hell is up with those leaves!?!?!

Originally, both leaves were over the crib. But that didn't look so hot.

Not that this looks hot at all either.

I am out of ideas and not about to have Ryan drilling holes all over the room until I find somewhere I like them.



This might be the only part of the room I am semi-happy with.

Ryan and I cut up the sheets from Graysen's birthday and stapled them to canvas. The shadow boxes are filled with the balloons from his party.

It took me forever to figure out the arrangement. And I'm still not 100% happy with it.



Okay, so THIS might be the only part of the room I am happy with.

Nope. Strike that.

I'm not happy with the placement of the giraffe, elephant and monkey. The giraffe needs to be facing the other way so it can be eating leaves from the left side of the canvas.

Stupid right-facing giraffe.

(I do love that Hippy Bear, though!)


This quilt was the inspiration for the room. This and the wall stickers. I had the wall stickers from Kadyn's toddler room and Ryan's Great Aunt made this quilt for Graysen.

I really love the quilt. I love that it was handmade by family.

I don't have many keepsakes from my childhood but one thing I do have is a small stash of family-made clothing and blankets. The main reason I kept them is BECAUSE they were handmade by family so it makes me very happy that the boys will also have a few handmade keepsakes.

So that's the room.

I can't help but feel that a coat of paint would complete this room. 

Or at least bring it closer to completion.

Right now, I'm leaving it as is. 

If I keep trying to fix it, I'll just ruin it more.

Fingers crossed some genius idea hits me soon.


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