Monday, February 20

Happy Family Day!

Today is Family Day!

In most of Canada anyway.

I guess some Canadians don't want to spend time with their families.

Manitoba is celebrating Louis Riel Day today.

Manitoba? Politicians are boring.

(I'm also looking at you, USA. Presidents' Day? Bo-ring)

PEI is celebrating Islander Day today.

That's kind of cool.

I'd celebrate that.

If I didn't live in a land-locked prairie province.

We're planning on doing some family stuff today.

Crazy, right?

Family stuff on Family Day?

Totally cuckoo.

First on the agenda is a family photo shoot.

I have a CanvasPop Groupon to use and I want a cute family photo. It's a DIY shoot and I'm hoping for some gooders!

(PS If you've never used CanvasPop, you should definitely check them out. I ordered a canvas of the boys last year and had a GREAT experience. I'm very excited to place another order.)

In honour of Family Day and the family photos we're going to attempt, I leave you with some awesomely awkward family photos (courtesy of

The funniest part about this one is that I have an almost identical picture of my mother and me. 
Except I was wearing a wide, floral fabric covered headband. 
I so was.

I'm so confused.


Even that baby knows it's wrong for a grown man to voluntarily wear a diaper.

I think we'll try to recreate this one.

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