Thursday, February 16

Gee, You knit?

What did 50 Cent say to his grandmother?
Gee, you knit??

(It's funnier if you say the punch line in your gangsta voice.)

(Don't lie, you have a gangsta voice.)

(Yes, you do.)

About 6 or 7 years ago I asked this gorgeous lady to teach me how to knit.

Whenever I think about that day, I smile. It's definitely a memory that will stay in my heart forever. And every time I pick up my knitting, I think of her.

Grandma O  (Or GG as the boys know her) is a knitter from way back. I have a few things she knitted for me when I was a kid safely tucked away. All these years later, they are still in mint condition and they almost make me wish we had a little girl to pass them onto.


Unfortunately I kept up the knitting for only a short time. Another hobby that got pushed aside in the midst of college graduation, working, planning a wedding, having a baby....and here we are.

I'd been meaning to pick it up again.

I mean to do a lot of things.

Just before Christmas I found out one of the ladies sat down with her mother in law and learned how to knit.

I'll jump on that bandwagon!

I didn't stick with knitting long enough the first go around to make anything other than a scarf.

So I started another scarf.


I've been working on this since the week between Christmas and New Years. And I'm not quite half done. (It's going to be a rolled infinity scarf. I don't know if that's a real thing. I might have made it up.)

I'm so over it.

But I will finish it!!


To break up the monotony of straight knitting, I picked up some new wool, needles and a book of simple slippers.

I only managed a slipper and a half (in Ryan's big foot size) before I ran out of wool.


On the bright side, it's a piece of cake pattern.

Kadyn asked me to make him a pair of slippers so we went to the store last week to pick out yarn.


Cute, right?

And I turned these out in only a couple hours.

I have a bunch of projects pinned and waiting.

I'm thinking either a hat or leg warmers with big, chunky wooden buttons next.

My goal is make this hat and sweater for Graysen by next winter.

I die of cute every time I look at that picture.

Just die!

What about ya'll? Do I have any fellow knitters out there?

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