Thursday, January 19


You know what baffles me?

The whole raising a kid thing.

(Little late, eh?)

But really, what the hell?

To drive a car, you must take a test (or in my case THREE.)

To become a doctor, you must go to school for eleventy billion years.

The sell freaking shoes, you must go through some sort of training.

It might be delivered by a way-past-his-prime Al Bundy look alike, but there is training nonetheless.

To have a baby, all you have to do is find some punk to bump uglies with, get as big as a house, blow out your hoo-hoo and off you go for a lifetime of insanity pink puffy hearted love.

Being able to do the nasty is the only prerequisite to having a baby. And judging by Maury, it's pretty darn easy to figure out.

Babies are easy peasy for me. Feed, burp, change, tickle, sleep. Rinse and repeat.

Yes, I know, babies wake up 14 times a night and they occasionally scream for hours and hours and hours for no reason at all.

I had TWO colicky babies, I know ALLLLLLLL about being up ALLLLLLL night with a baby who will not stop screaming.

And I still say babies are easy.

Toddlers and preschoolers are the tricky ones.

And I have one of each! YAY!

(I'm convinced toddlers are a tiny slice of hell on earth. But that's for another time.)

Now that the baby portion of my mama-ing is over, I'm a little lost.

Actually a lot lost.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that, I feel like I should know what to do but I worked in marketing and office management before I became a mama, not early childhood education.

Or ANY sort of education for that matter.

And since Kadyn does not attend a traditional preschool, the bulk of his education is left up to me.

I'm not proud to say that I floundered around lost and useless until a couple weeks ago when I Googled "preschool at home."

(I SWEAR I Googled this months and months ago and found nothing. SMH)

I clicked the first search result and landed here.

And then I found the Preschool for the Year package.

Are you kidding me!?!?!

I took a look through the sample curriculum and bought the full year immediately.

I was not disappointed.

In addition to the 10 month curriculum, there is a summer curriculum, a set of flash cards, 3 sets of posters and 6 other files full of games and activities.

It's a HELL of a lot of printing (186 pages for January alone) but printing each month in it's entirety is not necessary. (Each month has it's own alphabet and numbers set. I won't be printing that each month.) I could view each lesson plan on my computer and print the activity sheets as needed but I opted to print everything and then organize it into a binder (with page protectors and file folders and dividers!! Oh, my!!)

Now, I don't LOVE how this is (un)organized. None of the pages are numbered or titled so you have manually match up the lesson plan with the corresponding activity sheets (and some are used in multiple lessons) and who the heck does anything manually these days?

Once you get everything sorted (if you are printing like crazy me) it's a breeze.

Each month starts with a calendar:


And each day has a lesson plan.

Each lesson consists of seven components: Spark!, Learning Circle, Discovery, Creative Art, Music, Story and Game. And the activities include everything from connect the dots to sorting, matching, memory and patterning games as well as activities and crafts done with household items and other craft supplies. 

What I love most is how adaptable this program is. It's suitable for a single child or a group of children but   it's also easily adaptable to my child and his abilities and learning needs. I don't follow each lesson exactly so it feels like more of a helpful tool that gives me ideas and direction than a rigid curriculum. It's easy and I really like that.

Kadyn asks to 'do preschool stuff' almost every day so I think he likes it, too.

And I can tuck it all away to use with Graysen when he's ready. Love that!

This week we've been learning about winter animals and how they hibernate, migrate or adapt to cold weather.


Did you know that bears in Canada build dens out of paper plates, construction paper, tape and pipe cleaners?

Canadian Bears....not your av-er-age bear, eh, Boo boo?

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