Monday, January 9

Holiday Recap

Has anyone gotten on that brain to blog device yet?

Cause I've been writing posts in my head every day but they obviously aren't getting to ya'll.


To recap:

Christmas was nice and quiet.

And stripey...


How awesome are those PJ's!?!?!

Santa brought the boys a wicked awesome train table as well as an appropriate amount of other goodies. After presents we had Christmas breakfast and then hung around watching movies - Santa brought The Lion King and Cars 2 for us.

We ate Christmas dinner in front of the TV watching Shrek- that's Christmas-y, right? The movie was on a regular TV station so there were commercials. One of which was the Justin Beiber Mistletoe propaganda. I turned to Kadyn and said, "Hey bud, do you like Just Beiber?"

Kadyn chewed and swallowed his mouthful, looked at me and said, as serious as could be, "Watch your mouth, Mom!"


Ryan had the week between Christmas and New Year's Day off so we did a WHOLE LOTTA family stuff. It was really awesome! It's been a very long time since we've all been able to spend that much time together.

I could DEFINITELY get used to Ryan being home all the time.

We managed to score a sitter for NYE so we went out! Nothing extravagant. Just a little shindig at one of our best friend's place. There's probably nowhere else I'd go for NYE. It's always a good time!

And that was our holidays.

Nice and quiet with tons of family time. Just the way I like it!

Now it's all reality and stuff.


The upside of reality is that Ryan was offered a promotion before Christmas. I'm trying my very hardest to be optimistic with just a side of caution. The new position means a company truck (which solves our problem and having to buy a second vehicle later in the year) and a fairly substantial raise. It also means more responsibility and (hopefully not) more out of town work. The deal was that, in taking this position, they would keep Ryan in town MORE but I know this company and this job. I know how they roll.

But there is a very good chance this will be GREAT for us. Fingers crossed!!

As for me? I've been doing that "OMG IT'S A NEW YEAR MY LIFE SUCKS I NEED TO CHANGE IT NOW!!!" thing.

More on that tomorrow!

Hope everyone had fantastic holidays! For many of you, reality sets back in today. Hope she's not too hard on ya'll!

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