Thursday, January 12

Going Forward

Last year was a rough one.

I would say the roughest year Ryan and I have had in the 10 years we've been together.

I started the year with a horrible case of stress-induced hives, Ryan's job nearly ended our marriage, he got a new job that nearly destroyed us financially (better than destroying our family), Kadyn broke his arm and needed surgery to fix it, Ryan made a trip the hospital within days of Kadyn's hospital stay, I felt like we spent most of the year dealing with some revolving sickness or another and I dealt with some pretty significant extended family drama (that I'm not certain is over yet.)

Not to mention countless other things that only added to the feeling that 2011 was a year of endurance. I feel like I spent most of the year telling myself to 'just get through this and things will get better.'

Don't get me wrong, there were good things about last year - we celebrated the boys' birthdays with kick ass parties, I got my, I think that's it.

I was so very ready for 2011 to end.

Fresh start!!

I'm rolling over a few goals/resolutions/whatever from last year.

And I have a few more to add:

1) Make more time for me

I have fully devoted my life to my kids for the last 4.5 years. I've sacrificed, gone without, put off, put up with, gave in and gave up on a lot of things for my family.

I'm not complaining, it was my choice. But it's taken it toll on me for sure and I'm feeling like my family might be in place where I can step back just a little bit. Or at least I will be able to next autumn when Kadyn goes to school, I have a full license and my own vehicle.

I want to get back in the gym in a major, major way, I want to start - and keep - a few hobbies, I want to take some classes (art, photography, parenting), I want to read at least one book a month, I want to get my hair done more than twice a year, I want to overhaul my wardrobe. I want to stop identifying myself as nothing more than a mother.

2) Start writing things down and making plans

A failure to plan is a plan to fail!


I want to get shit done!!

Keeping everything in my head is exhausting and is just not working for me anymore. And I feel I could accomplish much more if I wrote stuff down.

3) Get our spending under control

We do pretty well financially but we spend way too much money on crap and we're still trying to get back to were we were last spring. We have a very small amount of credit card debt to get rid of and then it's SAVE SAVE SAVE!

4) Give more

I've been harassing Ryan to start sponsoring a couple kids through World Vision and we will be starting that this year. I also want to find a few causes we, as a family, can be passionate about. We've done a few things over the years but nothing consistent. This needs to change.

5) Learn Spanish

I know a teeny bit from our honeymoon in Mexico and I've been learning more with Kadyn but I want to be fluent. Hopefully I can teach Kadyn and Graysen as well. Kadyn knows as much as I do and loves it so I might as well capitalize on it!

Plus I really want to stick my head out my front door and yell at my kids in Spanish. Ha!

I have high hopes for 2012. I feel like this is going to be a great year for us.

If nothing else, it's got to be better than last year!


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