Tuesday, January 31

DIY Resolutions

I am famous for wanting to do a project, saying I'm going to do it and then getting sidetracked so far away from the project that the project is but a speck on the horizon.

That is NOT going to happen this year.

Because this home was a temporary one 2 years ago, I put off a lot of home projects. Why bother? We're not going to be here for long. But, as it turns out, we are going to be here for another 2 years.

I'm noot putting it off for another 2 years which will turn in 6 years because we plan to buy a house in 2 years and I know my head will swim with ideas for the new house and the projects currently in my head...horizonly speckish.

I have 6 projects that I want to finish by the end of the summer.

And I've already started a few! Go me!

1. Redo the bedrooms. All 3.

I was going to wait until we moved Graysen to a toddler bed to redo his room. But then I changed my mind. I had a major epiphany last week so obviously I started on his room this weekend. I have a few more things to buy and a lot more things to hang up but we're sitting at about 70% completion.

I'm stumped on Kadyn's rooms. He's been asking for a Transformers room but his room is currently Cars themed and I'm really not all that jazzed about character decor to begin with. I'm researching a soldier bedroom. Pretty sure Kadyn will forget the Transformers dealy if he walks into his very own bunker!

And then there is our room. All we really need is a paint job and new curtains. And maybe some new bedding. Unfortunately I don't think we're allowed to paint. Rentals FTL!! Not sure what I'm going to do about our room. Currently it's in the best shape out of the 3 so it will probably be left to last.

4. Fix this.


That graffiti may not be there now but if that wall is left barren and stark for much longer, I am positive a gaggle of hoodlums is going to bust in my house and tag the crap out of that wall.  I bought some picture shelves from Ikea and I have a Groupon for CanvasPop to use.

Hoodlums beware!

5. Fix this, too.


That microwave shelf/stand/thing came from the old house and I hated it when I bought it. It's hard to love a laminated fake wood microwave stand from Wal-mart.

It used to house the phone you see haphazardly hanging on the wall and all of our paperwork. A makeshift desk, if you will.

But not only is Graysen into pulling everything off the shelf and throwing it around the kitchen, he's also into pushing it around the kitchen. And calling random people at 6 am.

Those wheels? Don't have locks.

The whole wall is a mess. And the plants are taking over the top of the plant stand.

Why can't I put plants on the other two shelves? Are you paying attention??

G. R. A. Y. S. E. N.

AKA Destructo Child

Here's my plan for the space:


It won't be red, it might not have drawers and I'm hoping for a counter top rather than a wood top but that's the look I'm going for.

Want one, too? Look no further than Pinterest!

6. Another Pinterest find:


I've been searching for a play kitchen for the boys for what seems like forever. The plastic ones are junk. And they are ugly. And so overpriced! I wanted to make one of those rad entertainment unit kitchens last summer but I was all pregnant and shit.

This? This is happening this spring.

Fo shizzle.

Want one? Look no further than... *everybody now!* PINTEREST!

If you know me at all, you know I am sitting here just vibrating about these projects. If I had my way, they would have all been done over the weekend. 

But, alas, tis just not possible.

I'm giving myself about 3 months to get the bedrooms and the living room wall done. Then it's BUILDING TIME!!!

Guys, I'm freaking stoked!

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