Monday, December 5

Oh, Christmas Tree....

I have a confession.

Promise you won't judge me? (Anymore than you already do, of course...)

Ok, here goes.....


There. I said it.

I'm sure I'm not the only one. I bet a few of you Martha Stewart types curse December just as much as I do. You can't deny that the whole tree deal is SUCH a pain in the ass.

I haven't had a real tree since I was a kid so maybe some of my disdain for the tree of Christmas starts with having t0 unfold all the branches on my fake fir. It's just so annoying. All of it.

Digging all that crap out from some gross corner of the basement (Have I told you about my slight fear of basements?), figuring out where the tree is going to go, rearranging furniture, setting up the tree, putting the ornaments on, rearranging the ornaments, rearranging the ornaments again, rearranging them again, asking Ryan what he thinks and getting pissy because he thinks it's "fine" or it "looks good," rarranging ornaments for a 27th time, vacuuming 14 times and still finding synthetic needles all over my house and on my person (can someone please explain how in the hell that shit would get in one's underwear??) and then continuing to piss around with the ornaments because every. damn. time. I walk past that tree, I spy an errant ornament.

And then, just when I think it might finally be perfect, the littlest ankle biter comes along and messes up the bottom foot of the tree.

(Or plays soccer with the ornaments)

Which causes the rearrangment fiasco to start again since I can't remember the exact branch the lower ornaments were on and placing them on a different branch conflicts with the other ornaments which then need to be rearranged....

Oh, the insanity!!!

Then, a few weeks later, it all gets taken down and packed away for 11 months.

What. Is. The. Freaking. Point??

Oh, right. It's purdy.

And presents look nicer stuffed under a lit up tree than in a big ol' pile in the middle of the floor.

In case you're wondering why I am rambling on and on about this, we put up our tree Sunday.

It wasn't too bad.

I guess.

I wanted to do green and silver this year (switched up from my regular blue and silver) but apparently I am the only person in the whole world (or maybe just my neighborhood) who wants to put green ornaments on a green tree. Thankfully I found a single package of purple, teal and lime ornaments at a Moonlight Madness sale so it's a silver, purple, teal and lime Christmas!

Kadyn was WAY more into decorating this year. It was nice! Last year he lost interest less than 5 minutes in. He actually sprinted up the stairs when Ryan called him for his bath. This year Kadyn put all the decorations on by himself (Yes, I rearranged them. What? He didn't care.) It was fun doing it as a family - Me doing all the work, Kadyn helping in his crazy way, Ryan complaining and giving non-helpful one or two word answers, Graysen wreaking as much havoc as possible...

Sigh....I just love the holidays.

Really, though, it was pretty great.

Made the whole tree process much more bearable.

And I cannot deny that I do love cuddling on the couch with my man next to the glow of the tree.


Isn't it pretty??

And how awesome is Kadyn??

K is for Klassy!

PS I have a giveaway coming up. I might do it tomorrow. Or Thursday. Or next week. I haven't decided. So you should just check back daily. Cause you never know.....

PPS Another reason I'm not crazy about housing a tree in my living room for almost a month? My dumbass cat eats it. And then pukes it up all over the house. And I have to nag my husband to clean that shit up for DAYS.

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