Tuesday, November 29

(Last) First Haircut

A little over a year ago I wrote my favorite post so far.

I wrote about all the last firsts I would have with Graysen.

A few weeks ago, we had our last first haircut.

*Moment of silence, please.*

*sniff, sniff*

*Uncontrollable sobbing*

I didn't want to do it. But the kid walks into walls enough on his own without his blonde locks covering his gorgeous little eyes. Plus I didn't want a repeat of Kadyn's mullet (which I was in COMPLETE denial about until I saw him after his haircut. Oops!)

A before shot with Graysen's "I know you're taking me to that place where I have to wear a ridiculous cape and let some woman cut my hair" face:


I adore that face.

We took Graysen to the same place we take Kadyn and to the same stylist.

Kadyn also had an appointment that day.

And I would like to emphatically point out that Kadyn picked out a Cars car/chair to sit in, hopped in, put on a cape and sat for almost his entire haircut!! He gets anxious and fidgety when the clippers come out but covering his eyes still works (and still CRACKS me up) so we go with it!

No more shrieking and vaccination holds to cut Kadyn's hair! High 5!!!

I told Keri (our super awesome stylist) that I really didn't want to cut Graysen's hair but it was severely in his eyes and was getting a little crazy in a soon-to-be-mullet sort of way.

Exhibit A:


Graysen did suprisingly well.... with a little bit of distraction....


(And some bubbles and just a smidge of being pinned down in the chair. Just a smidge.)

Look at my gorgeous boy now!!

Sometimes the front gets perfectly swept to the side and I melt into a giant puddle of dying from cute.

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