Tuesday, October 11

If mai speling is oof, blaym the pee see

I miss you guys.

But I really dislike this PC (it has no freaking spellcheck!!) and ALL my stuff is on my Mac, which is still broken. I don't expect to have the money to fix it for another month, at least.

Stupid husband keeps picking wrong lottery numbers. Ugh.

I'm so going to divorce his ass if he keeps this up.

So yeah, I'm kinda stuck here.

I don't really have any funny stories or annecdotes or anything really.

I have a TON to write, but the accompanying pictures are all on the Mac. I have a TON of Conversations with Kadyn but, again, everything is on the Mac. I also have a new feature I want to start. But, you know....the Mac.

I have a TON of bitching I could do, which does not require the Mac at all, but given the mere thought of typing all that bullshit out sends me straight off the biffy, I can't imagine what reading it will do to you.

Plus Ryan's gone again this week and us left-behinders are always chip, chip, cheer-eeeeeee when that happens.


Either way I miss you guys and I have some commitments to fulfill so I'll be half-assing it here until the man figure finally picks the right friggen numbers.

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