Monday, October 24

Seven More Sleeps!

Last weekend I told myself I would start afresh on Monday.

Back to blogging.

Except a bunch of crap happened and the entire week went down the poop shoot.

So here I am.

Monday. Afresh.

Ok, so it's Monday. Not entirely afresh.


I love Halloween.

Everyone dresses up and runs around like crazy fools and people give you candy.

For free!!

Halloween just might be the only thing the economy hasn't completely ruined.

I pulled my Halloween box out a few weeks ago and was thoroughly unimpressed. Half the decorations were broken and the other half was old and tired. I never really like most of it anyway.

For a second, I considered not even decorating this year.


I know!! What is wrong with me?!

But seriously. It's been that kind of month.

And then I got on Pintrest one evening.

Oh, Pintrest......

When I was done pinning (37 days later) I decided I was going to make myself a Halloween wreath.

And so I did.

Not too shabby, eh?

It's not entirely what I had in mind, although I don't really know what I had in mind, but I'm fairly satisfied with my first crack at wreath making.

Cute and simple.

I also got crafty with K-man. We made milk jug witches!! And I'm quite impressed with them!!

(There are little cutouts in the back for a little flashlight or button light so they light up, too!!)

And yesterday evening we put up our decorations.


Again, not my favorite but not bad for a $20 Walmart kit.

And now the countdown begins!

Just seven more sleeps until trick or treating time!!

I cannot wait!

I love taking the boys out just as much as I love seeing all the littles come to our door. Not only do I love seeing all the costumes, I get a sick, sick, sick satisfation from tossing a handful of sugar into the bag of someone else's child.

Muah ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

This year I am very pleased to be handing out a horribly delicious assortment of Allan Candies!

I know many families who deal with nut allergies. Halloween is probably the scariest time of year for them - and not because of all the ghouls and goblins running amok.

(Amok! Amok! Amok! Amok!)

(I'll send a bag of candy to the first person to guess that movie quote!)



Allan Candy.

First of all, they are a Canadian company and all their Halloween candy is made in Canada.

Definitely awesome.

Second, they have a HUGE assortment of individually wrapped PEANUT FREE candies - Allan Intense Jubes & Jellies, Allen Chewy Rascalz (Big Foot, Sour Big Foot, Green Thumbs and Hot Lips) and Allen Fruit Buddies (Sour Watermelon Slices, Peach Slices, Sour Cherry Slices, Tangy Wild Strawberries and Sour Grape Slices.)

I love, love, love that Allan Candy has such an awesome line up of peanut free treats! While we are not personally affected by food allergies, I am happy to know that we won't be sending any kids home with anything other than an INTENSE sugar high!

(I gotta have it, really need it to get by...)

(Guess the movie, get a bag of candy!)


And I just might pick out all the Sour Grape Slices and Sour Big Foots and hide them. They are ZOMG DELICIOUS!

If I don't eat them all up before October 31st.

Seven sleeps, people!


(Disclosure – I am participating in the Allan Candy Company program by Mom Central Canada. I received compensation for my participation in this campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own.)

(Candy giveaway open to North American residents only.)

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