Tuesday, September 20

A Terrible, Terrible Tragedy

Sunday afternoon I fell out of my house.
Yes. I fell out of my house.
With my laptop in hand.
And now my poor little Mac is fubared.
I am probably going to have to replace the entire screen.
I cannot even begin to tell you how pissed off I am.
Not only are all my pictures and, well, the rest of my life on that computer, I am now stuck using my husband's crappy PC laptop until I can get my gorgeous machine fixed.
I mean, who even buys PCs these days? Really.
I might have to take a little hiatus from this place. (Again. Ugh.)
I could download all my editing software onto this computer and upload all my pictures and try to figure out how this bass ackwards machine works but.....just thinking about all that work makes me want to cry.
Looking at my poor broken Mac makes me cry, too.
Please send healing thoughts. A please pray for cheap repairs.
(Do you see how terrible this PC is? It doesn't even post properly.)

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