Monday, August 22

Sun, Science and a #MomFail

Through all of the nonsense of the last few months, I've been pretty good about not dropping the ball.

Sure, I've forgotten silly little things here and there (like eating) but nothing major, thankfully.

Until last week.

Last Wednesday was Graysen's 48 weeks, 12 months, but not a year unbirthday. And I missed it.

It was marked on my calendar, I looked at, thought "Not till next week, no worries" and then looked at it again on Saturday. Three days late.


Ok, so maybe it's not as MAJOR as I'm making it out in my head but Graysen's already fallen victim to second child syndrome and the guilt is killing me.


So here is it. Now 4 days late.


This little monkey is walking more than half the time and has sprouted 4 (yes, FOUR) teeth.

This is all happening MUCH too fast for me.

And so we'll just move on and pretend it isn't happening.

Oooh! Looky here!!


Nice, eh?

Ryan pulled up a sorta-carrot the other day so we'll have those to look forward to in a few weeks. As well as a shit-ton of tomatoes. Thinking I might try to turn them into tomato sauce and can/freeze it. (Most likely freeze since I know nothing about canning.)

As I mentioned last week, summer camp ended last week so we spent some extra time at the skate park out back. It was BUMPIN'!

Kadyn wanted to take pictures of the kids doing tricks and this is the face he makes when he's demanding but trying to be pouty:


I love it!!

We also hit up the science center over the weekend. We have so much fun whenever we go to the science center that I rarely get any decent pictures. I managed a few this time though. The pictures up top were taken at the science center and this one:


I honestly have no idea when he grew up. Or where the heck I was when it happened.


And, lucky readers, here is your science tip for today:

The correct pronunciation of "Uranus" is "Yer-ah-nus" as opposed to the more common "Yer anus."

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