Monday, August 8

It's a Good Thing My Garden is Growing Cause the Rest of My Life is Dying

That's not a melodramatic title or anything, eh?

I took an unexpected week off last week. And not just from blogging, from life. Most of last week is kind of a blur. My brain's way of telling me I just cannot handle any more shit.

But we'll leave that for another day.

Today I am in the mood for fluff.

Of the garden variety.

You remember what our little veggie patch looked like last time, right?


I have been enjoying that gorgeous lettuce on BLAs (bacon, lettuce, avocado) for the last few weeks. Delish!

Unfortunately there was so much lettuce all ready at once that we lost most of it. Sucky. I got a tip from a friend (a little too late) to plant them in two stages a few weeks apart. Next year.

So here's where we are today:


Poor dying lettuce. Awww.

But did ya see that tomato plant!?!


Do you see all those flowers just waiting to be tomatoes?!?!

Look at these babies!!


And look at these!!


First pea pod and first tomato, fresh off the vine!

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