Thursday, August 25

I'm the Queen of this (stinking) Castle

I'm not quite sure when, but some time ago I decided I wanted boys. Two of them.

(You should know that I always get what I want.)

That's not to say I would have been disappointed or unhappy if either of our children were girls. Not in the least! I would love and cherish them just the same. Nothing would be different.

Well, not nothing.

I doubt there would be half the bodily function/potty humor floating around here. I only expect the levels to at least triple once Graysen is old enough to contribute.

Well, he does contribute....

The other two boys? They are purposefully rotten.

Ryan taught Kadyn the "Pull My Finger" game. Kadyn doesn't quite get it and thinks Daddy's finger is a kind of a button.

Love that one. Yup.

Kadyn developed a sudden aversion to pants. And he insists they are not necessary items when leaving the house. Kadyn also likes to announce when he has passed gas and to what object he has passed gas on. That's fun. And we've also entered the inappropriate nudity phase.

Ryan, bless his heart, handles these situations so well. Yesterday, especially, was a gold star moment.

Kadyn was pantsless. As usual. Ryan told him to fix his underwear, which was riding up, which led to Kadyn pulling them down to his ankles, covering himself with his hands and laughing hysterically.

I guess this is funny to four year olds?

Ryan told him to pull his underwear up, sat him on the couch and started the whole 'that's inappropriate' spiel.

"Kadyn, that is NOT appropriate. You DO NOT pull your underwear down. You DO NOT show your ***** to anyone. Do you understand? Those are your private parts. You DO NOT show anyone your *****. Daddy doesn't going around showing people his *****, does he? No, I don't. You don't either. Understand?"


Oh. My. GAWD!

The moment he said, "Daddy doesn't....does he?" I just about lost it! I was playing on the floor with Graysen and I had to turn my head and put my hand over my mouth.

Funniest shit ever.

If you ever wonder how Kadyn comes up with all the crazy stuff he says, look no further than Mama and Daddy. And when Graysen starts talking, this house will be positively nutty.

I can not wait!

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