Friday, August 19

Conversations with Kadyn....

I am so sad that today is Kadyn's last day at summer camp. Our walks to and from camp have been some of my favorite moments over the summer.

Even though some of the walks have felt like a never ending game of 20 (20,000) questions.

I don't know what got into Kadyn on our walk home Wednesday but he had me cracking up!

We walked through the field - careful to avoid all the shark holes, of course - and started down the tree-lined street. Kadyn ran ahead and started loading up his arms with pine cones. (He's had a fascination with pine cones and sticks almost since birth. The first thing he ate? A pine cone.) Kadyn has about a half dozen pine cones in his arms when he turns around and throws one at the wheels of the stroller, grenade style, and screams "PINE CONE OF DOOOOOOOM!!!!"

He continues pine cone bombing the stroller, all the while yelling "PINE CONE OF DOOOOOOM!!!!" And the way he says it has me almost doubled over.

When the pine cone bombs ran out, he moved on to STICKS OF DOOM! and ROCKS OF DOOM!

And Graysen? He giggled his cute little toosh off the whole walk home.

I wish ya'll could have been there - or I had recorded the whole thing - because I am NOT doing this hilarity any justice.

Good stuff, people. Good stuff!

Your turn!!

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